It was 2015 I was admitted in new mulago cancer Institute floor 6 after my surgery. I met alot of people there it was an honor. I helped alot of people there to accept what they were going through by telling them my story. When they heard I had been down for more than five years they would get some hope.
Then one day I met this young lady, she was a free spirit. She had started her first year at University. She really liked me and I gave her hope. She had leukemia.
She was a very good girl. I remember her birthday was the next day after we met I gave her a birthday present she accepted it. From that day we texted and texted.
My day of going home came, she really wanted me to stay with her but the hospital bills were piling up my family would not manage after looking after me after the 5years.
I so much wanted to stay but I couldn’t. Paying 90000 a day for more than a month was not easy and besides I was also paying for my food.
So the next day I left the hospital. It was Wednesday, I had a bad night consisting of vomiting. Next day I went to the hospital. JB the person who took care of most of my chemotherapy sessions told me Lilian was here. JB helped me clear some of my bills he took care of me as a sister. I used to call her brother.
So after my dressing I went home. I texted Lilian allan-20161024_030735 again I kept in touch
Thursday night I had a bad night I tried communicating with my friend she didn’t I was worried. On Saturday her cousin texted back and told me Lilian had passed away.
I remember thinking if I had stayed with her just one more day she would be OK.

First step

Dear relatives, friends all around the world I had my first operation to help place one of spinal bones that was not in place. It was a good operation so far because I can now move a little better, the pain has reduced and I no longer have to hold my head to stand or sit though still in a little bit of pain bse of surgery hasn’t healed yet. Thanks for your prayers and support as I continue waiting for more tests and surgeries to be done..
Please understand when I don’t update everyone personally. Since I get many messages daily asking yet I need time to rest, Consult with my doctors etc
Thanks for understanding.
But I will be posting general updates on my wall


Car wash mbarara and ibanda


Thank you mbarara
Today we raised 7.992.500= in cash.
Many blessings, we love you. Thank you for saving me

Thanks to the good people of Ibanda who generously contributed Ush10871000 was their contribution of which 2000000ushs was from Hon John Byabagambi. The fight still goes on! Thank you for saving me


This giving hearts, Dear Lord, please bless;
Fill their lives with happiness.
For all they given, all they have done,
Natural warmth like gentle sun,


Many generous, selfless deeds,
Lord give to them and meet their needs;
Cover them in Your holy love;
Write their name in heaven above.

really appreciate you,
Your helpful, giving ways,
And how your generous heart
Your unselfishness displays.


I thank you for your kindness,
I will not soon forget;
You’re the nicest people
I have ever met.

Thanks for doing what you did;
You are kind beyond belief;
Your help and caring calmed me down,
And gave me soothing relief.IMG-20160427-WA0211



Hey sweet people
I have taken hours trying to fit the right words to express my feelings but I failed

You have made me feel like the most important person on earth today.
I swear I had never seen this.
The word thank you is so ordinary but I will never stop saying it to you people as I wish for a better way to thank you.

You’re darlings but most of all you’re my strength.
May God keep you alive and lively
And happy all the time.


You woke up from your beds and gave me 57.9million shillings at the car wash in one day

and left me asking myself really who I am? IMG-20160423-WA0404

This has been a challenging time, and I appreciate you so much.”
“You have no idea how much your help has meant.”
“For all the little and big ways you’ve pitched in…thanks!”
“There was nothing random about your acts of kindness. Thank you for all you have done.


“I can never thank you enough. But this is a start.”
“You always know how to make life brighter for everyone you know.”
“I can’t possibly repay you.”


“You are always so helpful.”
“You make the world a nicer place.”
“You went above and beyond, and I am touched and grateful.”

“You took common courtesy to an uncommon level. Am so grateful for your help.”

Missing my hair


God has taken me through a lot to the extent of loosing my hair. It’s hard for us to grow such kind of hair it was a pain to see it fall off my head. At first I was hesitant to believe I would loose my hair my beautiful long black hair. So I said am not going to cut it my doctor advised me to cut it early. But bse I had gone through the first chemotherapy for the throat cancer and it didn’t fall off so I had faith and hope that it wouldn’t. Little did I know that the medicine was different and this time I was getting eight cycles. When last time I had only three.
So I had my first three and there was no change to the 4th it started falling off from the roots. I had plaited it so the fifth cycle I would pull it and it was falling off.
So one night I decided I had to pull it off. And all went off when no one was with me. I cried and wiped my tears. And covered my head for three days well finally I accepted it and showed my sisters. They started to look for weaves.
To know I hated being bold I never took a single pick of me bold.
After all cycles, after 5months my hair started growing back and I was happy.
GOD this is a lot to take in let this night mare come to an end.

Help me end this night mare any kind of help is welcome

My Last Request from God


I haven’t written in a long time, here I am asking God to do me one last favourohh God I wish this comes soon. I crave tasting food, drinking water, having a normal life like other people . may be I get a job , then never to cover my neck to hide my pain . that will be my joy scars, my warrior scars , courageous. I wish all this ends . I stop sitting on my bed day by day. go out some times , visit my friends , take trips etc . Oh God make this last dream come true.
Also bless all those that have supported me throughout. Amen

Don’t take the last hope I have

Oh God help me end this pain. Today I woke up with s new pain that went thought left arm . I wanted to cry but I can’t because when I cry o cough a lot . ohh dear God I feel so much pain . please don’t let have this lot of pain . help me at least take away the pain till I get my surgeries done dear God. sometimes I loose hope when I get this pain. But God don’t take away the last thing I am left with. I feel helpless. Restore my joy ohh dear God. I wish my condition was just spiritual ohh God. God I cannot say exactly how I feel but you know me well.

thank you for the pipo that have helped so far in raising the money.